A Star Wars Redemption Story

So I must admit that I do love watching the Star Wars movies…even (gulp, I’m afraid to confess) the prequels, and I just watched the new Star Wars movie – “The Force Awakens“.

I will admit that I just had to read about all of the spoilers BEFORE seeing the movie, because I’m THAT guy who also reads the last chapter of books…I hate surprises I guess.

I won’t spoil it for you (and there ARE a number of “surprises”),  the action, the humor and the “Star Wars Ecosystem” is still intact in this movie.  From start to finish there is action, suspense and intrigue.  You will not fall asleep in this movie!

A Pondering on Star Wars Force Awakens: 
One of the most intriguing characters, at least for me, that was introduced in this film is a Storm trooper of the First Order turned Resistance fighter  Finn, formerly designated FN-2187.  Finn is conflicted with his purpose as a Storm Trooper despite the First Order programming since childhood.  He chooses to leave “the dark-side” and fight on the “good” side of Han Solo, General Leia and the Rebel Alliance.

FinnWhat I find intriguing is the story of second chances and redemption in the character of Finn.  I think he is both afraid and brave at the same time. He despises what the First Order represents as well as what his old life within the First Order.  Although He can’t change the past, he longs to fight against the dark side.   This is something that the antagonist (Kylo Ren) in this film also struggles with in his own sinister way.

Finn’s character, in my opinion is like ALL OF US –
We’ve all come from places of regret and shame.    As Christ-followers, we were once lost and without hope.  Our old lives are no more, and yet still they haunt us from time to time.   We can peer backwards with a sense of disdain and recognize that there is now hope and a bright future…because of Christ.

Do you have baggage that still clings to you today?
Does your past sometimes haunt you?
The wonderful thing about forgiveness is that these past regrets; your old life – they are both in the past and can no longer hold you from experiencing the present with Christ.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” -Jesus (John 10:10)

Perhaps we can all relate to Finn…and we certainly have something wonderful to live for and declare to our world because of what Christ has done for us.


If you like the Star Wars movies – you will not be disappointed.  Go see it with the whole family!  If you’re new to the Star Wars world (*gasp*), I would recommend watching some of the other films before jumping into this one, you might end up scratching your head because there is a lot of history to understand.  All in all, I give Star Wars Force Awakens

Something more for us all to ponder today…may the force be with you.  😉


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  1. I have a completely different perspective. I don’t go to a lot of movies, of late; none since the rash of recent mass shootings. But I am an avid Star Wars devotee. I just decided, I’m not going to live my life in fear. The theater was jam packed. The film was blockbuster. And the Force is Awakened!

  2. So glad to find another Christian who loves sci-fi! I agree, redemption is a theme that runs all the way through the Star Wars universe. I enjoy hanging out with fans and I find that talking about with sci-fi offers plenty of opportunities for philosophical discussion which includes sharing my faith.

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