Time Traveling Within A Warm Glow.

We sat there on a blood red double decker bus peering down into the street below.  The amber glow of street lamps bending soft shadows onto the course pavement as shoppers arrive and depart rather infrequently.  

It’s a quiet night as we peer from above.  It seems tranquil, almost melancholy, ring a certain chord within my heart that makes me yearn to remain for a little while longer.  

My eyes shift from the random shoppers regaling of their adventures and rejoicing in their store sales and paper bags with their prizes as proof of their successes…I shift my glance to the red bricked victorianesque shop quietly nestled into this all too tranquil street, like a shiny priceless pearl amongst the clams devoid of riches.

Somewhere within a shop owner pleasantly spreads a wisp of a smile as the glowing orange lamp light cast shadows of yet another patron searching for unique wares within this pearl.  They exchange glances, the owner nods politely as the new shopper examines the “maybes” and the “I need these” purposely priced and placed on retro 1950’s shelves.  It speaks of a different era, a much simpler time…oh how we have complicated things since then, thus this store pulls its patrons into a time machine of sorts, striking that chord and halting the insanely fast paced life we are all so victimized by and accustomed to.  

I see all of this from our double decker bus within my mind and I long for simpler times.  I yearn to bring it all to a screeching halt.  All of the “to dos”, all the appointments.  All of the deadlines.  All of the traffic jams and blaring horns.  I want it all to stop…and for a moment it has as I stare out into a space where time stands still.  And in this moment, I breathe, I exhale and I am found again. 

Now I hope I can find him again as I step back into life and out of this street. 

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