One Question: Saturday Night Worship?

I have seen a sharp uptick in other churches having Saturday evening worship services.  Some of it has to do with working people who now work on Sundays, some of it has to do with younger generations and what they prefer…what do you think?

Does your Corps already have a separate worship time/day?
How does that work for your corps?
Have you seen any growth/changes in worship attendance?
Should this be something to consider in our current corps that have seen a decline in regular worship attendances?
What would the benefits be?
What would be the detractors?

Are we afraid to take risks?
Is this something feasible for YOUR corps?
What’s holding you back?

Let me know what YOU think?


4 thoughts on “One Question: Saturday Night Worship?

Add yours

  1. Check first with the General. “Outsider” could get us mixed with the SDA’s; that would not work.

  2. Yes, that is true and that will be bad to be confused with sda, pray , pray , pray
    God will direct you, if saturday will bring more people why not , just make sure it has God approval. Also Continue to have Sunday worship. Some people might still want to worship on sunday
    Have worship every night., for God’s sake.

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