Book Review: “The Bard And The Bible”

I love going into bookstores.
For me, the feeling of being surrounded by books, perfectly placed on shelves in an array of multicolored backings and bindings is extremely appealing to me!  And don’t even get me started on the smell of those pages and bindings, for I have been known to plant my face firmly within those pages as I try to capture the ever inviting fragrance bound there…I’m weird like that, and I won’t apologize.

As I usually wander around the isles of these book stores, I occasionally  come across something unique.  Something that grabs my attention and it compel me to pick it up and read it.  Have you been there?  Let me tell you about my recent find: I recently picked up the new devotional by Bob Hostetler that is entitled “The Bard And The Bible” and it’s not like any other 365 day devotionals that you have ever read.

Author Bob Hostetler
A one of a kind devotional: 
Usually, what I have found is that a 365 day devotional is typically a group of randomly selected spiritual thoughts bound together in one book.  Well, this devotional isn’t like that at all.  In fact, I am really enjoying The Bard and the Bible because of this uniqueness.  Hostetler has brought the rich, eloquent phrases of Shakespeare together in a coherent devotional that sheds deeper meaning on many passages of the Bible that we’ve all grown up with.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “a daily devotional with quotes from Shakespeare, will I even understand this book?  It sounds too complicated for me.”  Let me ease your mind and tell you IT IS NOT!  Believe me, this is a great devotional to get you thinking.  Yes, it will challenge you, but in a good way!  I love history, and in this devotional I not only experienced a spiritual challenge for the day, but I got to learn more about Shakespeare and his plays through the eyes of various characters.

This is a one of kind devotional that I think many will love!  It’s one of those soon to be treasured keepsakes (in my opinion) that you will want to pick up with your morning coffee or tea and read.  I recently bought my own copy, and I find myself already doing just that!

I give “The Bard and The Bible” thumbs

And I recommend you pick up a copy too!
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