Day 23 (Monday) Trust Issues…

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Dare I confess that sometimes the paths that I choose lack the presence of God in them. It would seem that I have trust issues.  It is not so much that I distrust God, but rather that I think that I don’t need help, and that I can do it on my own with my own strength.  Have you ever been to this place?  Even though I have felt the effects of leaning on my own understanding in my own stubborn way, God didn’t leave me or abandon me.  He has been there despite my lack of vision and trust.

Thank goodness God is present even when we are not. trust2
Perhaps today you might face daunting tasks that you feel require your strength and your passions alone.  Often times it is at the end of our battle that we quickly realize we need help, and so we cry out to God is desperation.  Have you experienced His love breaking through for you recently?  He will be there for you when you ask Him, but He wants to be more than just your life alert kind of cries for help.  He longs to fellowship with you each step of the way.  When we begin to fully trust God instead of just crying out to Him in emergency situations, we shift gears spiritually, and in this higher gear we will find what we have been missing all along.  His presence and His hand guiding us each step of the way.  When we allow this trust to take place, we will find that although life doesn’t get easier the direction in which He will guide will become clearer to us.

Do you have trust issues with God?
Are you fully relying on His understanding, or do you pull back sometimes and find yourself attempting to do it all in your own strength?  Let Him in, and see what a difference He makes in your life today.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, there are certain things in my life that I struggle giving you access to.  I confess that at times I am stubborn and unwilling to relinquish control over this path that I am on.  Help me to see your hand upon my life, and that I can trust you with everything, not just a portion.  Remind me of your strength, love and peace today even if my day includes storms along this path.  Guide me dear Lord.  In Your name I pray all of these things  -Amen.  

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