Day 22 – Peace Perfect Peace

“…and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

Last year in the summer, we had a mighty storm strike our community.  Luckily the tornadoes which had been in the forecast for our area did not transpire, but we still received some very strong winds and experienced days without power and a lot of damage in our neighborhoods.  Trees were down, some places in our community had to boil their water, and for a time many felt powerless (pun intended) as they waited in dark, hot homes.  Finally, three days later, when the electric company came and restored our lights our children jumped for joy in the prospect of having electricity and air conditioning once more.

While we were out of power, I was reminded of the story of Jesus asleep in the boat.  His disciples were in the process of crossing the lake when suddenly a storm blew up.  Many of the disciples were skilled, professional fishermen, but the prospect of being stuck on the water in the middle of the storm was extremely frightening to them…and where was Jesus?  Still asleep in the front of the boat.  Finally they rush forward and awaken Him, declaring dramatically “Jesus, help us, can’t you see we’re about to die?”  Jesus gets up, and rebukes the waves and immediately the waters calm and the storm subsides.  The story doesn’t end there though, because Jesus then turns back to His disciples and says “Why are you so afraid…Do you still not have faith?”  Talk about words that struck deep and to the heart.  Jesus was with them and he calmed the storm with mere words.

Do you have any storms in your life right now that seem dangerous and frightening?
Do you know the One who calms storms?  He truly is in the boat with you right now, and you just need to call out to Him and He will save you!  Rest assured He will bring Peace, perfect peace into your life this day!

Prayer:  Lord I give to you this storm that brewing in my life right now.  You know the details, the causes, the troubles I am facing.  I ask that you calm my heart and place your peace in my life despite the swirling waves of doubt and fear.  Be with me now, and help me to find safe passage in my day.  Lead me into Your peace.  -Amen.

Peace Perfect Peace Song

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