Want to change the world? Then Do THIS Today…

I recently read a quote that said, “be an encourager, the world already has enough critics.”

Confession Time:
I have often been overly critical and negative.
Perhaps you haven’t seen me like this, but I have caught myself silently (and sometimes not) judging situations and others. I have felt the shame of these moments. Who enjoys being judged by others? – No one. And yet, I have arrogantly taken it upon myself from time to time and become the judge with black gown and all.

Have you been guilty of this too?
Have there been moments that you have looked down and realized you have the gavel in hand and are about to pronounce judgement on others?

Friends, it is much easier to judge other people.
We can sit back and observe situations and decisions that people make and never encourage. It takes a lot more effort to step into the ring with someone and offer sound encouragement without strings attached or to lord some semblance of power over them…just to be present with a word or two of love and compassion.

The world needs more encouragers and less critics.
It needs more people willing to step into situations and to be friend, not enemy. There are people all around us every day who feel all alone in their circumstances and the worst thing we can do isn’t to judge them or even say unkind things to them, no, the worst thing is to stand idly by wrapped in our own apathetic blanket of self-righteousness…and do nothing.

Friends, fellow ponderers,
if we are to indeed be salt and light in this world as God has desired us to be, then we need to stop casting stones like pharisees and start wrapping our arms around people who haven’t experienced the love of God in a long, long time – if ever. A word of encouragement has a way of warming the heart and making the soul push forward despite the hardships of the past. We can help light the way for others if we just began to offer encouragement and put down the gavel.

Image result for gavel

Nelson Mandela once said, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Homework Assignment For The Day:
When you catch yourself passing judgement on a situation or person, offer ONE sentence of encouragement instead. Reach out to that person you just judged, or were about to judge and encouragement them in some small way. Don’t do it half-hearted, like a sibling in the backseat of the car being forced to apologize to the other sibling…instead practice encouragement and see how your perspective changes and those around you.

“God created you to do AMAZING things!” Ephesians 2:10

Something more to ponder today!

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