How This Blog Came To Be…

An Origin Story of sorts…

Greetings, dear readers.
It has been a while since last I posted anything, my apologies. I have been absent on online, however I have been far from such IRL. Life has been very busy and many days it has felt like I was on a perpetual roller coaster. Amazing scenery has been viewed on this upward, chug-chug-chug of the coaster’s ascent, only to swiftly plunge (stomach in throat) down-down-down into stress-fueled, drama-laden, down right scary situations. All of it, in retrospect, I am sure I will depart this ride and exhale, declaring it an adventure that I will undoubtedly ride again…just give me some time to catch my breath.

I began this blogging journey as therapy…of sorts.
Through it all, this has been a means to share my hurts, my heart and my hopes. It is still that place. Along the way within this pastorsponderings I was startled, and relieved to discover, that others read this blog and have journeyed along beside me, often commenting on how their experiences have mirrored mine. We have traveled this path together for some time. Some who began with me have gone on to other things, including some who have received their ultimate reward in Eternity. This has never been about complaining, or malice or creating disharmony…but rather a place to consider, ponder, and sometimes tackle the tough concepts of life. My literary “happy place” as well as my fortress of solitude.

I never set out to earn a living with this (and I still don’t); nor did I anticipate that would receive such a following as it does now. I am still amazed at how God has used this little site. Please note that I am not being boastful here, I am genuinely and completely thankful for those who read and respond.

I Didn’t Quit …But…
I was close, numerous times.
Questions like: Is this really helping? Should I be writing this? Is anyone really reading this? Does it even matter?
The voices in my head, the voices of self-criticism, doubt, insecurity, hopelessness and even vanity all made their opinions heard…over and over again.

And yet, there was that still small voice that constantly breathed into me the encouragement, the confidence and the right words to say. I’m not saying that I’ve always accurately conveyed those words, but I have tried…and I wish to assure you that I will always strive to do just that.

(Thank you!)
To the many readers and subscribers of I wish to thank you for your patience with me. I have been absent, but I am still here. This path is set out before us, and there are many, many miles yet to go…come along with me, and let’s continue.

Thank you!

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