What Happens When You Lose Your Faith?

Recently in the news there was the story about author of “I kissed Dating Goodbye” Joshua Harris, and how he has lost his faith. Apparently he is no longer a believer in Jesus. Many have read this news story and are scratching their heads. Let me be candid with you for a second: It happens. This is nothing new. That might seem harsh, but perhaps we need to have a harsh conversation from time to time about our faith, because faith isn’t always puppy dogs and cotton candy…it takes real work to maintain.

News Flash:
We are ALL susceptible to losing our faith if we are not careful.
I don’t wish to alarm you, but if we do not guard our hearts we can allow other elements of our old selves to take root in it.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” -Proverbs 4:23

Life can be extremely difficult sometimes, and it might make us want to throw up our hands and want to walk away from the faith. Other times we might permit sin to creep in by rationalizing things away by saying to ourselves, “a little bit won’t hurt me.” (Sounds like an anti-drug slogan – sorry). Eventually we become desensitized to it, and we begin to deafen towards the sound of the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. When this happens we have lost our way.


There is always hope.
There is always a returning.
There is an Eternal Love that stands waiting for us…willing to run to us when He sees us from a distance.

What happens when we lose our faith?
We have a God in heaven who leaves the other 99 to search for you and for me. (Matt 18:12)
We might have given up on God, but He hasn’t given up on us.

3 Things To Help Prevent Us From Losing Our Faith:
1) Make Faith In Christ Yours (Make It Personal)
We cannot survive on the faith of others to get us through this life. We need to personalize it, make it ours. It isn’t our parent’s faith. It isn’t our grandparent’s faith. It isn’t our friend’s, girl/boyfriend’s, mentor’s, denomination’s, or other’s faith…it’s yours – so own it. Yes, God is after the collective body of believers, but most importantly He needs to be your firm foundation first. If you haven’t made this faith yours, then you have only shallow roots and you will be susceptible to the changing of the mind through various seasons in life.

2) Ask The Tough Questions
True faith is not only believed, but is investigated and explored. This means asking the hard questions, tackling the places of doubt and finding others, who are deeper in the faith, to help you. Study, read, listen to podcasts, watch some videos, get into a church with sound doctrines and really explore your faith. If you don’t ask the questions, you could possibly be leaving that door doubt open in your heart which become an escape clause when things aren’t going so well in life.

3) Find People Of Like Minds To Challenge You.
Look for Christ-following mentors to guide you. Find people who will not only be your friend but challenge you to be better (in love). Study the Bible with other people who might have a different take or perspective on things. Accept the fact that you don’t know it all yet and be a student of the Most High.

I don’t know what is going on in Joshua Harris’ life right now, I do know what I’ve read and I am sorry for the difficult road he is on. I sincerely pray for him. Unfortunately what can also be said of this faith journey is this: the more influence you have in the world, the greater the temptations and pressures there will be as well. Unfortunately Mr Harris’ story isn’t an abnormal one. Many have traveled this path of losing one’s faith…it’s where you end up on the other side is what’s most important. I do hope that while on this path of self-discovery Josh Harris, and others like him (for there are many) will too rediscover their faith in Christ with a whole new perspective and hope.

If you find yourself at the end of your faith rope, know this: you aren’t alone. Many have been disillusioned by church, by other Christians and by life itself. Have a real heart talk with yourself, don’t lose the aspect of genuine prayer to God himself, and ask for direction. It won’t be easy…it never is, but I pray you find your path again with a firmer footing than before and with a deeper, richer, firm foundation of Christ alone.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

‭Proverbs‬ ‭4:23‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Something more to Ponder today.
L: Have you lost your faith? Will you share in the comments below your current journey and where you’ve been? We want to hear from you…because it truly helps! Please know there isn’t any judgement here, just a healthy dialogue from real people sharing their faith (or lack there of) story with one another. We look forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Lose Your Faith?

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  1. Are you talking about losing faith or having doubts? I don’t believe those are synonymous.

    What is the inherent problem in “losing faith?” What does losing faith even mean?

  2. I havent lost my faith in God I have lost my faith in the Socially distanced church. I have had a really bad year I have lost both my parents within 4 months of each other, I have lost them because of Covid measures, These regulations killed both of them as they were denied vital interventions in health care. The Church as become a cafe and shop vicar sharing means one service per week, our lovely communion group dispelled. So man Christians have become those who passed by the injured man in the Good Samaritan.passing at a distance. I am disillusioned I wrote to an organisation I support and found them equally distant after decades of loving support. Nevr has being a Christian come with so much aloneness

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