Beyond the Finite Universe.

You once asked me if I felt accomplished
to think on it now
greying beard
crows feet growing each passing year
I am not wiser
because of time
I have not become more
or found the secrets to this life
I am still its student
and I have much to learn.
The drive for accomplishment
is a loud clanging band of one
beckoning others to look on
and clap…
full of hubris
sprinkled with an
unhealthy dose of
I would like to think
that I have left a mark
on the side of the universe
as it ever expands.
But I am reminded
of its infinite glory
and this insignificance
of breathing
how small am I?
Still, I long to measure
this existence
with thoughts
to pass onto my descendants
the things to invest in
and the things to run from.
Life, fragile and limited
can break the finite confines
and carry on beyond the course
of one’s skin and bones.
Thus, it would be an honor
to tarry here after I have
long past my due date…
through the fluttering of words
on a page
and on into the hearts of my
children’s children
a ripple in a pond
moving hearts,
ebbing courses
and nudging lives for good
now, this
is interesting…

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