At the door…Salvation comes. (Poem)

Dear Lord, 

you know these feeble hands

and waning strength

ebbing away as the ticking hand progresses

You know my thoughts 

and how they stray wondering 

further then a troubled runaway…

I can’t pretend in your presence

I can’t put up a front before you

You see right through me like 

a window pane freshly washed

this house is open, doors unlocked

I cannot hide from you 

not deny any skeletons yet residing.

yet you come to me

you still come to my level

and embrace me like everything

is alright…I know it’s not

and yet you remind me again

that your sacrifice has made me clean

you have made it right

made it right for me…

how can I accept this? 

when I know i’m a mess? 

How can I agree to this

when I can’t forgive who I am 

the battle isn’t about what you are

and what you’ve done

but what I am and where I’ve been…

how can I let you in? 

How can I let you see me like this? 

Yet your grace, your face

your love your hope 

surrounds me completely.

It’s too good for me and yet

you let me see that you grant 

this gift to me freely!

Such amazing love,

such unmerited grace

falls upon me in this place

and I am whole again

I am so much more than I used to be

you have mended me 

you have set me free…

and so I no longer let you stand

at the door on my front porch

but I let you in and let this 

salvation thing in me begin.  



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