Can’t wake up!

It is morning again and I find that my head is full of stuffing…its no fun waking up still groggy and head thumping away.   As I pour my first cup of thick black coffee I try to breathe deeply its fragrance, the earthy spell that weaves itself around me and knocks insistently at my still slumbering conscience with its wisps of spiraling steam and faint offering to the coffee gods.  

I am the slumbering zombie today, eyes vacant staring out into nowhere, slumping awkwardly in a chair trying to bring the coffee from hand to mouth…quick get the IV drip ready full of this coffee stuff because I fear I won’t make it to noon.  With far too much to do today and with my fuel of self and motivation running low…help?!  

Perhaps you have been where I am…I can’t seem to move faster than the speed of slow.  If I don’t post here later today…wait until tomorrow.  🙂   


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