“The Lord has gum and the Shepherds are making S’mores with their socks!”

My favorite misunderstood Christmas lyric for any carol or song this time of year is:  “Joy to the world, the Lord has GUM!”  That’s right Gum!  I’m not sure if it’s Big Red or Spearmint or even Hubba Bubba…but apparently the Lord has gum.   I don’t know about you but when ever someone is around and me they open up a new package of gum, I always ask for a piece.  If the Lord has gum, then I want some!


Another humorous song that I use to sing as a child is:  “While Shepherd wash their socks by night!”  I always envisioned them huddling around an open fire, the smell of burning wood in the air slowly ascending into the sky and instead of making s’mores they have these giant sticks with already washed socks strapped to them and they are attempting to dry them without burning them.  Steam is hissing and and also quickly giving chase to the smell of the burning wood as the shepherds regale themselves of shepherding stories and emergency rescues gone wrong (insert scary campfire stories here).

You know, you just have to possess a little bit of humor this time of year.  Especially when in traffic or in front of impatient Christmas shoppers intent of running you over!  I hope that we don’t lose our humor in the midst of our celebratory second glass of eggnog and a guilt-ridden nibble of another frosted Christmas sugar cookie.


Go wash some socks with the Shepherds, and don’t forget to ask the Lord for a piece of His gum!

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