Devotional Pondering For Today – An Intimate Moment With God


Whatever you do, do it from the heart for the Lord and not for people.” -Colossians 3:23

Lord do I have a heart for You in all that I do?
Too often the answer is “no”.
Too often I am far too busy to include You.
Many times You are an after thought…A prayer as I go out the door.
Why do I forget You? How could I do such a thing after all that You have done for me?
Are You not the One who sustains me in the midst of trials, despair, heartache and sadness? Are You not the One who lifts my head and allows me to see Your beauty that encompasses Your world? How could I relegate You to a backseat in my life?

Renew my heart dear Lord.
Renew my mind.
Restore in me a right relationship to You.
It is my desire to intentionally seek You out in my day.
It is my desire to do ALL things through and because of You.
Teach me to walk in Your way today…Please take it slow because I am still learning, I am not complete, You have much to do within this heart of mine. Grant in me Your passion to the things that I must do today. Grant in me Your heart for other people, including people I do not see eye to eye with. Fill me with Your holiness once more. My desire is to reflect You. My desire is to be Your child before I engage the world around me. Heavenly Father, plead for You to remain in my day (each step of the way) as I do both the most mundane of tasks as well as the challenging. Allow me to display Heaven in our world to those who are lost and without hope of a future. Use me to shine Your light today. I long to be complete in Your holiness, reveal to me that which still lingers within my spirit that is not of You. Capture every fragment of who I am for Your glory. May my heart be Yours and Yours alone.


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