Coffee Reviews – My Top 10 Favorite Coffees

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I am a pastor and generally, by and large, pastors drink coffee…Well this guys does anyway.  I am an avid coffee drinker.
To most of you who follow this blog, this little tidbit of information probably comes as no surprise.  People have been sending me pictures of coffee on facebook, funny memes and so on for a long time now…I love it!    I have had some wonderful friends who have sent me samples of coffees and I would like to review a few of my favorite coffees thus far.  I am by no means a coffee snob…okay maybe a little bit.  Please don’t ever and I mean EVER serve me this:

Because THIS in my opinion
is NOT coffee.

This list is my opinion, please don’t be insulted or offended if I happen to place one coffee over another…it’s just my personal preference.  Let me also put it out there, if you happen to have additional recommendations for unique or fantastic coffees that are not on this list please comment below…and I will never turn down a sample of two.

Scott’s current TOP TEN Coffees:

10.  Dunkin Doughnuts
I have to admit (and please don’t call me a hater) but this coffee takes some getting used to for me.  It’s a little too bitter for me, but it is palatable even enjoy able from time to time when I’m indulging in a doughnut or three.   Although having said that it is, in my opinion, just a step above McDonald’s coffee.

09.  Gevalia House Blend

The Gevalia house blend is a smooth coffee to drink and is truly an enjoyable store bought brand coffee.  It comes in the traditional yellow packaging and is finely ground for a smooth finish.  I recommend this coffee for everyday use if you like something with a smooth finish.

08.  Tim Hortons

I enjoy their bold flavor and again something to wash down a breakfast sandwich or a doughnut served with chilli (seriously it’s on the menu like that in Canada).  It’s a good solid coffee that I haven’t had the pleasure of drinking in a long time…I might have to remedy that very soon.

07.  Seattle’s Best 

Seattle is know for their coffees.  That being said those living in the Washington State area might scoff and say “which ‘best’ do you mean?”  For the rest of us who don’t live in Seattle, we can enjoy Seattle’s best coffee that has a sophisticated rich taste and isn’t too bitter an aftertaste.  I like this blend a lot!

06.  Biggby Coffee

Michiganer’s have enjoyed Biggby coffee since 1995.  They have good beans, and better bold coffees…they are a little pricey for my taste, but a good cup of java to buy when I’m back in Michigan.  A solid recommend!

05.  Starbucks Blonde Roast

(coincidentally, Starbucks contacted me via my blog and asked me to add their online coupon link, so here it is: Starbucks Coupons)
My wife, following gall bladder surgery was placed on a strict diet which included low acid coffee.  The Starbucks “blonde” roast is a perfect low acid coffee that still maintains a strong flavor and little to no bitter aftertaste.

04.  Caribou – French Roast

I enjoy a good french press cup now and then.  When I do press my coffee I like to purchase quality french roast coffees.  This is one of my favorites but I have to use it in moderation because of the potent flavor.  Caribou is a Minnesota coffee company headquartered in Brooklyn Center MN.  I am thankful that places like Target have carried them nationwide and their coffees are readily available!  Since my college days in Minnesota I have been an avid Caribou coffee drinker!  I also look forward to their Christmas blends when they become available later in the fall.

03.  Cup of the Day – Sault Ste. Marie MI.
In my travels I have sampled some good coffees and some not so good coffees.  I had the privilege of drinking Cup of the Day’s coffee for almost five years while living in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan.  I can tell you that its owner and operator Tony is a coffee connoisseur who cares about quality more than filling stomachs with average over the counter coffees!    If you ever get the change to stop in Sault Ste. Marie, be sure to sample some of Tony’s coffees…by the way I would recommend going there during the lunch hour because everything he serves at meals are equally delicious!

02.  Bitter end coffeehouse coffee – Grand Rapids MI.

I was privileged to sample some of the Bitter end Coffee House coffees recently and I have to say “wow“!  These beans are solid!  The owner and operator is also one of those quality of quantity kind of connoisseur of coffees.  They roast their own coffees there at the coffee house and produce some amazing flavored coffee!  If you get the chance to stop in and sample their coffees be sure to say hello to John Sprite (the owner)!  I recommend buying some of their coffee beans to take home as well!  You won’t be sorry you did!

01.  Church and State Sumatra Blend
coffee5 church and state
One of my friends sent me a sampling of their coffees this past Christmas and I was blown away at the flavor!  The deep auburn colors coupled with the pungent flavorful aromas make this coffee worth ordering online!  I not only french pressed this coffee but used a standard coffee maker…both worked out great and were fantastic to drink!  I will definitely be ordering some more of this coffee in the near future!

These are just my current top ten coffees.  I would love to hear about your favorites and how they compare to mine.
One coffee in particular that I am dying to try but also happens to be one of the rarest coffees to buy is St. Helena Island coffee:  They only produce a small amount of coffee beans a year and it’s only $89 per pound to purchase…I spent four years of my childhood on this little remote island in the south Atlantic ocean.  It’s so remote that Napolean couldn’t escape it and eventually died there.  I want to try a cup of St. Helena once more!

At any rate…these are my top ten so far.  Please send me feedback and comments below!  I appreciate your take on things!

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Disclaimer: no coffee companies or proprietors of coffee were injured in the making of this review…although I sure drank my fill.  I was not paid to advertise these products although I think I would look rather dashing in a commercial…just sayin’.  At any rate these thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone and I reserve the right to disagree with any and all Sanka drinkers out there.  Enough said.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Reviews – My Top 10 Favorite Coffees

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  1. I like a few of the listed ones as I have not tried them all. Starbucks blonde roast is probably my number 1 from your list. I enjoy the Gevalia very much as well. Fun post. Thanks!!

  2. Scott is truly a coffee enththusyist buy any standard excellent article he articulated how each of these coffees tastes and the difference between them and even put up there web site info great job Scott best blog post I’ve ever read about coffee. Your article inspires me to pay closer attention to the coffee I drink and compare them with one another (will be fun) so thanks again for the inspiring blog.

  3. I truly love Dunkin Donuts, second Caribou, lastly Starbucks Blond but as a young adult I was introduced to coffee and really didn’t enjoy it at first, but over the last 10 years I’ve paid attention. Thank you for you in sight.

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