Dear Salvationists: The Army Of The Broken

The day of The Salvation Army’s Birth or as we call it “Founder’s Day”, I thought it fitting to offer a pondering on who this army is.

We are an army of the broken.
This is not an insult, this is a complement…hear me out:

There are many who come to this Army to serve and to offer themselves, and they come with all of who they are.  Many have stories that will break your heart.  Many have grown up with all shapes and sizes of brokenness.  Brokenness isn’t all that we are.  This is how we lead.  This is our catalyst that propels us and spurs us onward into this mighty fight, as we pull others who are broken – out of their brokenness through the power of The Holy Spirit.  We are broken and yet because of this brokenness, we can be an effective Army for the Lord!

Jesus selected disciples who were not the best in their field.
These disciples also had stories.
They were not the most educated.
They were not top of their class.

Gideon was told by God to select an Army to fight the Midianites.
They started out as 22, 000 strong but ended up with only 300 warriors.
God used this small force to defeat an entire army.

God is still using the small, the weak, the burdened, the broken and the vulnerable.
In our weakness He is truly strong.
His marvelous acts become evidenced in transformed lives living for Him and serving Him every day within This Army of Salvation.

So, dear soldier of this Salvation Army,
do not be ashamed of your scars.
do not be embarrassed by your story.
do not think less of yourself because of your brokenness.
This is our Army!
This is how God works!
He takes our experiences, those hurts, those things that were meant to do us harm and cause is ill and makes them beautiful again!  He restores us, and in the restoration process, we are sent out to help others who are broken, because we speak “broken”, we know “broken” and we can shine a light into the unspoken broken places of this world!

In recognition of our Founding today, may we continue to allow the Savior work within our hearts and lives.  In our brokenness He is strong!   Allow Him also to begin to restore you, as we desire the very image of Christ in our lives!

Happy Founder’s Day you Broken People of The Army – May God continue to Bless This Salvation Army!

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