A Christmas Gift To A Family In Need…

Beverly took in her granddaughter when she was just a small child.  Her granddaughter was an unfortunate victim of drug abuse by her parents.  From that point on she called Beverly ‘Mom’, and she has been mom ever since.  Fast-forward to the present year, and through more unfortunate circumstances, Beverly’s son suddenly passes away because of numerous health concerns, leaving behind a special needs son.  What does Beverly do?  Like any loving Grandmother, she take him in and adopts him as her own.   This grandmother, who raised her own children, is now raising her grandchildren on a small retired, fixed income.  Their small apartment home is barely big enough, but they make do.  The main problem that Beverly has is that she only has a small truck that seats two people, and she wasn’t prepared to take in her grandson – who would be?  Every morning her grandson takes the bus to school and every evening he arrives home by bus.  Whenever they need to go grocery shopping someone always has to stay home because there isn’t enough room in her little truck for three passengers.  This little family has grown, and in the midst of their growth, there has been great sadness along the way – the tears of a mother who has lost a son, the deep ache of a son who has lost a father – yet this little family struggles on and doesn’t give up.

The Christmas Gift.
This Christmas, Beverly’s driver’s side door on her little truck – fell off.
It was an old truck, borrowed from another family member.
It did the job, and had been a faithful mode of transportation, that is until the door fell off its hinges.  Beverly has been praying for a larger vehicle so that it can fit both of her kids.  She has also been praying for a larger place to live…

This Christmas, one of Beverly’s prayers was answered.  Car1
An elderly couple came into our social services office looking to gift their car to a family in need.   Our social services director and volunteer coordinator immediately thought of Beverly and her kids.  A week or so later the couple came to The Salvation Army and presented the vehicle to her. Car2 The generous couple wept for joy as did Beverly as the gift was gladly received.  Having gone through so much pain in the last year, Beverly and her children received a very special Christmas gift.   “I can go to the grocery store and take both of my kids now, this is simply wonderful!”  Beverly is more than a little overwhelmed with the kindness of these strangers that are now friends.  It is a Christmas present that is gladly offered and tearfully received!

Perhaps, for some, this short tale of an kind of kindness might restore your confidence in humanity in some small way.  While we might currently complain about shopping lines and horrendous traffic, we might not recognize the needs of other people we encounter on a daily basis.  Needs that are just under the surface, seared by pain and frustrations in life.  This story of generosity is amazing…but I believe we are all capable of similar acts if we choose see the needs of those around us.

Something more to Ponder.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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