Dear Salvationist, A Prayer For The Weary

drumDear Soldier,

allow me to pray for you today.
Prayer is a powerful weapon of spiritual warfare – that can become underutilized and sometimes disregarded except for moments of greatest need.  We need you, dear soldier!  You are important to this mission – if this mission is written upon your heart and you have given yourself solely to God for His service/and the service of others!

Please allow me to pray for you and your small corner right now:

Lord, you know the soldier’s heart.
You know the war that wages within our communities, both seen and unseen.
We ask that you be with our corps around the world.
We also pray for our leaders both near and far away.
We know that without you we can do nothing!
But with you all things are possible!
Help us when we are tired, weary, worn and discouraged.
Grant to us your strength to carry on.
Illuminate your word and make it shine within our hearts.
Break us, mold us, renew us, Dear Lord.
Strengthen us for the tasks which seem insurmountable.
Lift our heads when we are brought low by circumstances around us.
Remind us that we are your people, sons and daughters of the Most High!
Father, we wish to honor you, continue to teach us your ways.
We long to reflect you, Dear Lord,  both in word and deed.
May we practice what we preach daily – minute by minute.
Lord make us holy – help us to reflect Christ in joy and suffering.
May we continue to be kingdom people – not building our kingdoms
but yours and yours alone.
As soldiers gather throughout the world – help us in our efforts as we feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the homeless, the orphaned and the impoverished.
May this fight for social justice in our world (both near and far) not be about what this mighty Army can do, but what You can do through faithful people.
Lord, lift our heads
We will give you glory in all things!
So be it.

**Please continue to pray for me, and if you would like to be prayed for specifically, feel free to leave a message here on private message me and you will be prayed for!**

Dear Soldier,
Fight on…the war is far from over!

Something more for our army to ponder and pray about today.
To God be the glory!

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  1. I have seen big things in my life and in my family through prayer and I think as women we must never stop praying our prayers can go a long way but only when we have faith in Him and we pray in Spirit and in truth. God bless you

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